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There are few floor covering solutions more effective at preventing surface cross contamination than Biomaster. Used by medical facilities worldwide, it is an integral part of providing safe, effective and permanent antimicrobial protection. And anyone in doubt only has to visit SureTECH’s premises in Daventry.

When SureTECH first started to focus on supporting the Medicare industry, it lost no time in turning its attention to solving one of the biggest production challenges it would face: achieving and maintaining a ‘clean’ operating environment. “When it comes to manufacturing for the Medicare market, it’s critical that you ‘get’ the need behind having clean facilities,” says Matt Stokes, Technical Manager at SureTECH. “It’s sobering to realise that your approach to the control of manufacturing processes could potentially have a lasting impact on people’s lives. You have a duty of care that reaches far beyond the products themselves.”

So, putting its best foot forward, SureTECH decided to tackle the challenge by starting at the bottom and working its way up, literally – choosing to lay down an entirely new industrial floor covering, complete with antimicrobial additive. It’s just another example, like so many throughout SureTECH’s business, of the over-arching principle for growth through investment and meticulous attention to detail, rather than a single-minded pursuit of profit.

The company had already installed a new 176m2 mezzanine storage and packaging floor, in order to free up much needed space in its main production area for better process control and the introduction of additional equipment. The introduction of an 8m high partitioning wall soon followed, enabling it to create a much cleaner manufacturing and packaging environment. The final piece of the puzzle was the decision to bring in the help of Staffordshire-based firm, Addmaster.

“When it comes to manufacturing for the Medicare market, it’s critical that you ‘get’ the need behind having clean facilities” – Matt Stokes, SureTECH
As the name implies, Addmaster are experts in the art of producing technically innovative additives for industry. “Even when strict cleaning procedures are in place, bacteria can grow back immediately on a surface,” explains Adrian Dimberline, Addmaster’s Head of Sales and Marketing. Easily incorporated into any material, such as floor paint, its Biomaster Antimicrobial Technology provides durable lifelong protection against the threat of cross contamination and degradation, making substrates cleaner and more hygienic. Proven to quickly reduce bacteria by up to 99.99%, Biomaster offers an effective means of reducing the growth of MRSA, E.Coli, Salmonella, Campylobacter, Listeria and over 50 other species.

“The use of Biomaster provides us with round-the-clock protection against bacterial build up,” says Matt. “More importantly, it provides both our Medicare clients, and customers operating within other sectors, with the peace of mind that we are dedicated to delivering manufacturing excellence at every level of the business.”

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