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Because every job is different

Need a solution that sticks? Whatever your project is, we’re with you every step of the way, from the initial brief, through prototyping, through to completion and execution. Whatever the challenge – SureTECH is a true solutions partner.

Tailored Solutions – How it works:

1. The right start – briefing and information

Give us your brief – you can do this by phone, by email or we can come and see you.

Tell us as much as you can about your application and what you want to achieve, the environment, contact surfaces, temperature ranges, the lifespan of the product, anything you can think of that’s important – we will lead you through this

Once we’ve gathered sufficient information about the task we’ll analyse your data and suggest suitable products. As an independent tape convertor SureTECH base all recommendations on your brief – we are not tied to any specific manufacturers so our advice is always impartial.

Once we have gathered enough information to help identify suitable adhesives we can start to look at the physical application of the product – what profile you require (rolls/laminates/sheets/die-cuts) and how it will actually be applied (by hand, in an automated process, laminated from a reel etc).

2. Providing FREE recommended samples for feedback

When making our recommendations we like to give 2 or 3 product options – a budget option, a top spec option and where ever possible something that is a good balance of both.

You will receive FREE material samples in sheet or roll form with relevant technical data as a matter of course. Specific profiles can be provided at this stage too – a modest charge may be applied. If required we can arrange a visit by one of our technical team at this point. Then we will leave you to test our suggested products at your convenience only contacting you for feedback at an agree date/time.

Once we have positive feedback we will prepare a quotation/s for you.

3. Production trials and QC excellence

Upon the acceptance of our quotation for converted products we always recommend a production trial. This allows for any fine tuning and adjustments to be made prior to full production. Its at this point we will usually need to acquire tooling. This can be discussed as we do have a number of options that may prevent you from having to commit to full production tools.

After successful completion of a production/line trial SureTECH will carry out an internal Viability Review and report our findings.

At this stage we will set the quality parameters and inspection criteria – we will refer to your original brief and liaise directly with you for this exercise. This process sets all the important checks to ensure that you always get exactly what you want from us.

The final stages in developing your solution will be your approval of our specific QC procedure for your product. With this we can complete your very own Technical File for the job.

Only when you have signed off on the Technical File will we issue manufacturing instructions to our production department and your Tailored Solution will then be presented for scheduling.

Everything we make is controlled by ISO 13485 quality standard manual and procedures so even after the job has been completed we will review the effectiveness of our processes to try and identify improvements that may have further commercial and/or technical benefits in the instance of repeat orders.

SureTECH Tailored Solutions – we’re with you every step of the way.

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